For the love of frogs mtc

Another great heart Mosaic ATC by Elsbeth Morselt! Great job! Really looks like an old time valentine!

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Eat your heart out

Another great heart for the Feb Swap! I had better get busy. My flickr pals are totally in to the swap so soon…yay.

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Card #4

Card #4, originally uploaded by MysticMosaics.

Our next swap theme for Feb. is hearts, and Cindy Sbrissa is already on it. Check out her work over at Flickr.

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Wild Egg Shell Skull

©  Linda Biggers

And I thought I used tiny tessera. This recent Skull from Linda Biggers… ” The Egg Shell Lady” just about made me fall out of my chair this morning. It is so shockingly cool.  Wishing it was not reserved, as I would love to swap with Linda. The skull was sculpted with poly-clay and then covered with egg shell.


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New Skull Card On Etsy

“Diva”  (aceo) On Etsy
© rebecca collins

Well, tis the season so I went ahead and placed one of my favorite tiny Skulls on Etsy. She was included in a Day of the Dead Treasury... yay!


“Atticus” 12 x 12
© rebecca collins

A Day of the Dead mosaic I created for my pup Atticus is showing this month at The Bath House here in Dallas. I just checked out the opening last night and I am honored to be included in such a terrific show with so many other talented artists.

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Finished Card From Christine

© Christine Brallier

Recent Day of the Dead card by Christine … I have squatted on this guy. We will be card swapping in the next couple of weeks.  My glass quilt is growing. See more of Christine’s work over at flickr. Or check her out at

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Norton Skull

© rebecca collins

This is Norton. I loved his little under shirt and it reminded me of Norton from the Honeymooners. I actually cleaned on him a bit more tonight and found another green glitter stripe on his shirt. I’ll have to shoot him again soon.
Tonight I grouted 3 more ATC’s and now I have officially created 21 mosaic trading cards since I started this blog on August 31st.  Hmmm, 47 days and 21 tiny mosaics. Not bad at all. Not every card is a masterpiece, and I did get formulaic with some of them ….  and yet there are several that will be hard to part with including Mr. Norton here.
My next step is to sit down with all the cards and the grinding stone to make sure my edges are as straight, clean and smooth as possible. Then I will clean up the backs with some black paint, and sign and title each piece.
I highly encourage other mosaic artists to try working this way for a month or two. Mosaic art tends to be a labor intensive artistic endeavour. The whole craft seems to draw in a personality type that is committed to perfection and extreme precision. When you force yourself to create a quantity of small tiny works you allow yourself to make mistakes, you allow yourself to love some works more than others, and you allow yourself to take risks, working quick and loose and FUN.

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