Swap Details

Our first theme is Day of the Dead, OR the color orange.
Size 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches

Dallas Off-Line Deadline: November 6th.
I will host an art swap party at my house on 11/06 for off-line classmates and local mosaic pals. Plan to bring at least one card to the party and know that you have the potential to go home with as many cards in trade as you bring. I think a good goal is 3 or 4 cards per person. My personal goal is to have a card for each rsvp I receive, if my cards are not all traded I will add them to my quilt project or trade them with cyber pals.

Web Trading Deadline: November 6th
Images of completed cards must be uploaded to your blog, flickr page, facebook or other web location by 11/06. Actual shipping can take place the following week. If you have created cards you would like to swap with me or with other people leave a comment here with a link to your ATC that you want to swap. Each week I will compile a photo collage of available cards for swap, and anyone that wants to play can “squat” on a card that they want to trade for. If you prefer you can message flickr members directly and ask them to swap with you, feel free to visit my flickr page and message me there or you can e-mail me at collins@artpaw.com. If I know you are playing and part of the swap I will be following your flickr pages and blogging about your trades. Trades do not have to be initiated through this blog, I would love to see this take on a natural organic life of its own.

Something To Keep In Mind:
This should be fun! Do your best work, but do not drive yourself crazy trying to create micro mosaics. The format is small so if you are accustomed to making really huge large cuts you may have to scale your tessera down a bit in size. If on the other hand you already work with pretty small cuts there is no need to get even smaller. Have fun and experiment … run with scissors!


15 Responses to Swap Details

  1. Katrina says:

    I’m all in! I love that our first card swap is Day of the Dead and the color orange. I might have to open a flickr account just to keep up.

  2. artpaw says:

    Oh you really should Katrina, I have made a few terrific friends over there and tons of great acquaintances. The mosaic community there is so supportive. Thanks for the comment. I am new to wordpress, need to figure out how to unmoderate these comments so they will post automatically.

  3. Hey Rebecca, You know I’m in! You sure got the blog up fast! I also love that you are doing DOTD first – I’ve always wanted to do this theme. Katrina, definitely sign up for Flickr – fabulous mosaic community!!

  4. I’m in – I’ve already sketched out some designs. WOO WHOO

  5. artpaw says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see everyone’s creations.

  6. Cindy Sbrissa says:

    I’m definately in! How could I possibly pass up a day of the dead theme?! : )

  7. artpaw says:

    Yay Cindy!

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  9. I got my first one done! Now to work on some more.

    ****RESERVED****ATC #1 - Skull - Day of the Dead Theme

  10. Dhatri says:

    I absolutely love the idea Rebecca! Please count me in…

  11. Leian burttschell says:

    I love what u have started. U r such an inspiration to me!!!!

  12. artpaw says:

    Thanks for the link Cherie!
    Dhatri, I am so glad we will be getting swaps from you in India!
    Leian, Thanks so much, all of my classmates inspire me so much and in so many different ways. I can’t wait to have art work by all of you guys.

  13. joyce ward says:

    Ok, Ok, you already know I all in and I can’t believe I could even get to your blog much less make a comment!!!! This is all such fun and I can hardly wait till the swap! You are just brilliant, that’s all, just brilliant!
    Hope you are healing from your loss…

  14. artpaw says:

    Thank you so much Joyce! You are such a sweetheart.

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